About ClickTags

Discover our intuitive visual portfolio management platform, where a personal touch in image tagging augments and enhances pure AI-driven alternatives. Accelerate personalized content promotion and engagement, effortlessly tag, organize, and share picture stories, tailored for personal or professional use cases.

Create and share an instant digital presence with other social platforms and websites using private or public Tagcketsâ„¢!

Infuse uniqueness into each tag, preserving emotions, context, relevance, and nuances that AI can't replicate. Select combination of auto tagging and personal tagging features to infuse optimal discoverability of your content.

Drive engagement and traffic to your content through informational and CTA (call to action) stickers. Explore content discovery, sharing, and promotion through #YOU-Marketâ„¢ Search where fun and business converge seamlessly.

How it Works

Our ridiculously simple 3 step process to creating awesome personal stories!


Manage Collections

Create & name a Collection, Upload your pictures to Collection from one or multiple local folders


Manage Tag Categories

Manage a list of pre-defined Tag categories, Add New or Append to existing List, Customize Frequently used Categories


Create, View & Share

Load a Collection & Select Tag Categories, Click Tag and personalize your message to create your Tagcket. Preview & Publish!

Tagckets™ are your unique ClickTag Stories! Create, Manage and Share your Tagckets™ today!

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ClickTags is on an exciting journey to make digital media asset management fun, relevant and impactful.

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